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One of my greatest joys is working with Inventors, Entrepreneurs and product based businesses to help them find the most direct path to success with their products. Whether it's evaluating their product and identifying ways to improve upon it, helping them map out a strong product launch plan or sales and marketing  strategy, working with them to develop a licensing  pitch, or helping them script thier product video or Live Shopping presentation, I find passion in helping my clients go from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to having clarity and an action plan for success. 

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One-on-One Strategy Sessions

Tap into Marcy's experience and expertise in successfully designing, developing, sourcing, manufacturing, marketing and launching 35+ products into home shopping, ecommerce and big box retail. Her one-on-one strategy sessions are designed to give you tailored advice and tangible, actionable steps to find success with your product. 

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The No B.S. Product Evaluation

Not for the faint of heart, Marcy's "No B.S. Product Evaluation" is designed to give you the honest feedback you need to determine whether to invest your valuable time and money into bringing your product idea to market.  Marcy's innate eye for winning products combined with her proven 6-point product evaluation formula has resulted in an 89% success rate in identifying winning products and weeding out those that don't have what it takes to sell.  

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Product Pitch Development

Whether you're trying to land a product licensing deal, get in the door at QVC or in big box retail chains, or to create a product video that takes your business to the next level, there are few things more crucial to your success than having a solid product pitch and the confidence to deliver it successfully. 

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Sell Sheet Review

A product sell sheet done right, can make all the difference between 

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Speaking Engagements

Marcy's depth and breadth of knowledge in all things Inventing, Product Marketing and Live Shopping have made her a highly sought after speaker for conferences, tradeshows, inventor groups and podcasts.  Whether on stage, on pitch panels, via Zoom or in person, Marcy enjoys reaching audiences with her real world knowledge and experiences and tailors every presentation to meet the goals of the event and the attendees.

To book Marcy for your next event or podcast, click below to share the details and check her availability. 

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