THE WOMEN INVENTORS CLUB. Women working together to turn innovative ideas into profitable products.

inventing 101 Sep 18, 2021


Welcome to THE WOMEN INVENTORS CLUB. An inspired group of women who are locking arms to take their innovative ideas and turn them into profitable products and thriving businesses. A safe haven where ambitious women of all ages come together to support one another, to provide accountability, share ideas, strategies and best practices. A place where women can come to find unparalleled information, knowledge, tools, resources and advice from top tier industry experts to help them on their product development journey. Where we celebrate successes and encourage one another through obstacles and challenges. It doesn't cost anything to join...the only requirement is that you're a female who's inspired to follow her dream of bringing a product idea to life. We'd love to have you on board! Use the link below to join.


To learn more about me, my products and my journey in the inventing world, please visit my website:​​​​ 

TO REQUEST TO JOIN "THE WOMEN INVENTORS CLUB" Facebook Group, please use the link below:

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